Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Our Lunch! (Doesn't that look fancy?)

Our lunch for tomorrow is composed of the following:

-Brown rice (left overs), with Parmesan and Romano cheese from Rice-a-Roni (left overs), with frozen peas (washed), and Parmesan cheese.

-Half a tomato basil veggie patty.

- Bread, alfalfa, and Ranch dip to make an alfalfa sandwich tomorrow.

-Grapes to dip into the left over ranch.

-And finally this little fruit called "Kumquats" which I tried at the local market and then proceeded to buy. They are citrus and you are supposed to roll them in your hand to release the sweetness from the skin. Then you eat them skin and all. Here's a link to a close up: Oh yeah, and they are called Quinotos or naranja china in Spanish. Hmmm, go figure!


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